The Media

It’s hard to find good journalism these days. If you thought that the mainstream media was full of shit, good luck trying to seek out any alternative media that isn’t even more full of shit than the former. When I think of alternative media, I think of alternative medicine, and you know what they say about alternative medicine: if it actually worked, they’d just call it medicine.

It’s hard to blame people for not trusting the media out there when 90% of the media is owned by six large corporations. It’s not hard to think that there may be some sort of agenda at stake if the news were reported accurately, or if investigative journalism actually investigated real stories that matter to people, the world and to the environment. We instead get bullshit human interests stories. The news shouldn’t exist to make people feel better about themselves, nor should we pursue other frivolous stories, such as car chases. Real life isn’t the film Bullitt.

Then you have news organizations that are funded by foreign governments, such as the Kremlin-funded RT, which broadcasts worldwide and the US government-funded Current Time, which broadcasts in Russia. There’s an agenda, here. A way to interweave news reporting and propaganda in a way to advance a certain agenda, that being the agenda of whomever is bankrolling the news organization. In this case, it’s the foreign governments that are funding these news stations. Same for the aforementioned corporate news media.

Then when people are unsatisfied with the news, that’s when conspiracy theorists start coming out the woodwork and make things worse. I suppose that there will always be conspiracy theorists out there even if that news were 100% accurate and governments across the world had, likewise, 100% transparency. There’s always going to be some nut who thinks some cabal of protean reptilian aliens or whatever preventing him from realizing his or her utopian vision of the world.

People will always take issue when the news doesn’t reflect their ideological perception of reality—how the world ought to be. That’s how conspiracy theorists are born and they’ll keep coming out, even more in an environment of suspicion caused by opaque governments, rampant neoliberalism, and mediocre reporting. Although, some of these folks are great comedic performance artists, like Alex Jones.


About this Blog

Well, it’s been three months since my last post. I didn’t think I was going to go back to writing another post on this blog anytime soon, but since a few people randomly decided to follow me, I felt like I should at least get back to writing and see where this goes from here.

Let me explain a few things, here. This blog was for a class; some of the content on this blog might’ve tipped what few readers who have randomly come across this blog. Fall semester was over, and I didn’t post anything else since.

A few things you’ll notice is that there was a spike in likes and comments. That was part of the final. We had to get around 35 likes and 25 comments, I think–I can’t remember the exact number. During the last class meeting, all of us in class were scrambling to give each other likes and comments to get to the threshold required to pass the final. Not really what the instructor wanted, since we were supposed to solicit likes and comments from strangers on the Internet–although he did say that we could promote our blogs to friends and family members–but that was probably to have them go out and tell their friends about their blogs. We were required to actively promote our blogs online, something most of us—perhaps even all of us—didn’t really do. I think a few of us managed to get followed by random users, but that was probably just pure luck more than anything

Our teacher didn’t seem to mind the fact that during the last class meeting, we were all sitting in front of our iMacs spamming likes and comments to each other and trading links to each other’s blogs. Originally, he wasn’t going to teach the class; the instructor that was got some sort of job offer and quit four days before the beginning of the semester. The department gave the job of teaching the course over to a graduate student, whose industry experience came from working in print journalism in India, so it’s not like the department randomly brought in some greenhorn who didn’t know what he was talking about. Then there was also the fact that this was the first semester after the conversion to the semester system from the quarter system. All of this may have contributed to vast leniency to the deadlines that we would frequently miss with our stories, something that wouldn’t be tolerated in the industry.

So, I’ll keep writing and see where it goes from there. I might as well.

Marijuana, Bourbon, and Secession

Once again, citizens of California voted on another proposition to legalize marijuana in the state, and marijuana is now legal in the state of California. This was a long time coming. It will make it legal for adults 21 and older to possess and grow marijuana with certain restrictions on those activities. It also puts a tax on marijuana products. Taxes on marijuana will be used to fund after-school programs and drug rehabilitation center.


There are some pretty hard facts you about life: the first being that life kind of sucks. You have a bunch of blood-sucking parasites at the top of the pyramid feeding off of everyone below and making life harder for everyone else just to make more money.

The things that make life better are sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Sex is self-explanatory. 

You don’t have to be a fan of rock and roll, this is more of a figurative “rock and roll,” which can cover a whole list of leisure activities beyond music, like watching TV, movies, hiking in the wilderness, etc. Religion can also be a person’s “rock and roll.”

As for drugs? Well, everyone is on some form of drug. I’m not just talking about those Big Pharma drugs with the usual 20-page list of unpleasant side effects, marijuana, or some harder fare, such as meth or heroin; I’m talking about things like coffee and alcohol. They sure make life more palatable; coffee is awesome and helps perk you up, and alcohol liquor help slow things down in order to chill out a bit. Weed works similarly to alcohol, but is considerable safer than the latter.

In all, in order to get through life, you either have to be high on life, high on Jesus, high on drugs, or a combination thereof.

Voting yes on 64 will ramp down the Drug War, which has been going on for far too long, yielding no positive results, and locking up a bunch of people for no good reason, into our for-profit prison system—both the drug war and our prison system compliment each other, but that’s a story for another post. 

People are going to take drugs regardless of whether it’s illegal to do so or not.  The least we can do is legalize them and then provide drug treatment for people who want to quit. Marijuana is one of the least harmful drugs out there, and what consenting adults are going to smoke it like there’s no tomorrow. If it’s not harmful to oneself and others, why should it be illegal?

Well, now with the election of Trump, and Democrats blaming everyone else but their candidate, messaging, and overreliance on and abuse of identity politics. America further enters the twilight. The two big political parties here only give a damn for whomever can make it rain into their campaign coffers, and so the average Joe gets kicked down the road, once again.

It’s a good thing that weed was just legalized. California will have some extra tax revenue, and the people will have the weed to make the next four years blaze by and seem like one big mistake.

It seems highly unlikely that we’ll be able to get the entrenched interests out of Washington, so instead of trying to fix a problem that’s almost 2,300 miles away, why not disassociate ourselves from the problem altogether.




The Fallout universe predicted this… somehow.

Now that weed has been legalized here, the next step would be to secede. Regardless of whomever won the election, I think that California should’ve gone its own way, away from those Beltway knuckle-draggers. At least those young folks who keep chanting “NOT MY PRESIDENT” can actually meant that since, newsflash, he is your president, unless move to a different country and renounce your American citizenship.

I not only think California should secession, but so should other states like Texas or the entire South. #BalkanizeAmerica


“Smoke Weed Everyday.” -Snoop’s slogan for governor.

Why Trump Won


The election of Donald Trump was a surprise to most. There were some other people who might’ve envisaged this outcome if Hillary won the primary, as the general election rolled on, it was still surprising to watch Trump win this election, given his antics and big mouth.

However, America has spoken. They wanted Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton, and as surprising as this may seem to some people, there are some few very important reasons for this outcome. Would you be surprised if racism and misogyny aren’t one of them? You know, ‘cause they’re not. If you’re thinking that she lost because she was a liberal woman, you need to shit-can that line of reason immediately. It’s only going to lead to a similar outcome in the future.

Before I get into this, I’d quickly like to point out that rural, white voters in Pennsylvania who voted for Obama in 2008, voted for Trump in 2016.

Hillary’s presidential campaign was not top-notch at all. It mainly consisted of identity politics, virtue signaling, and “ZOMG TRUMP!!!!!1!!!” Whilst Trump was able to persuade working class people—making vague promises of how he intends to do so. Hillary’s campaign mostly consisted of “I’m not Trump, vote for me.” I’m paraphrasing here. Trump is a big, fat liar, but he had his pulse on the mood of voters, which was that Washington has failed the middle class, trade deals were leaving Americans in the dust.

Now as for the most important reason why Hillary lost? In large part, blame the Democratic Party Establishment. Bernie Sanders was the best candidate to field against Trump. He was beating Trump in hypothetical match-ups, while Hillary was losing. However, the DNC decided that it was “her turn,” and that all the aspirational leftists should just go home and let them continue with the coronation of their precious third way candidate—loved by them, much unloved by everyone who didn’t buy into the identity politics.

The fact is that some on the left, Hillary was seen as a Republican light candidate; on the right, she was seen as untrustworthy and criminal who should be in prison, and who was really only loved on the center. Most people on the left held their noses to vote for her. For voters across the political spectrum, she embodied much of the same Beltway politicking, Wall Street boot-licking that we all see from those types of politicians.

So, if you still think that this was mostly about racism and misogyny, then the Democratic Party will blame FBI director James Comey, Julian Assange of Wikileaks, Russia, millennials, and so-called “fake news.”Anyone or anything that is not the hubris of the Democratic Establishment. Nothing will be learned, and that’s pretty much the point since it’ll allow the Democratic establishment to continue fielding the same pro-big business, Big Pharma, Wall Street, neoliberal, neoconservative candidates. We won’t get any sort of meaningful progress on the environment, healthcare and for an economy that works for everyone.

The most important thing is to look upon the system that allowed two of the two most unpopular candidates to run for president. From corporate media to corrupt political parties.

Photojournalism Story – US Senate Debate, CA

These are images of the debate where Loretta Sanchez made an ass out of herself by dabbing, or whatever it is the kids call it. Good times.

As you can see from the images, people were getting situated. There were people who were just coming in and sitting down, waiting for the debate to begin, some were getting food, and some were wandering around like confused children.

Loretta Sanchez fancies herself as a politician that’s popular with millennials, but Kamala Harris seems to have the maturity and stability to be a US Senator. Let’s hope that Harris does us proud and doesn’t end up becoming like Dianne Feinstein.

Everything started out pretty well, and by everything, I mean the during the preparation for the debate. What followed was a mess in the form of Loretta Sanchez. Especially when she did that dab, because if it’s one thing millennials like, it’s pandering baby boomers. Too bad most of the people that would’ve thought that was cool are generation Z kids, who are too young to vote.

What would follow would be an exercise in embarrassment, courtesy of Loretta Sanchez. We can only hope this isn’t some sort of new trend in American debate conduct.