The Media

It’s hard to find good journalism these days. If you thought that the mainstream media was full of shit, good luck trying to seek out any alternative media that isn’t even more full of shit than the former. When I think of alternative media, I think of alternative medicine, and you know what they say about alternative medicine: if it actually worked, they’d just call it medicine.

It’s hard to blame people for not trusting the media out there when 90% of the media is owned by six large corporations. It’s not hard to think that there may be some sort of agenda at stake if the news were reported accurately, or if investigative journalism actually investigated real stories that matter to people, the world and to the environment. We instead get bullshit human interests stories. The news shouldn’t exist to make people feel better about themselves, nor should we pursue other frivolous stories, such as car chases. Real life isn’t the film Bullitt.

Then you have news organizations that are funded by foreign governments, such as the Kremlin-funded RT, which broadcasts worldwide and the US government-funded Current Time, which broadcasts in Russia. There’s an agenda, here. A way to interweave news reporting and propaganda in a way to advance a certain agenda, that being the agenda of whomever is bankrolling the news organization. In this case, it’s the foreign governments that are funding these news stations. Same for the aforementioned corporate news media.

Then when people are unsatisfied with the news, that’s when conspiracy theorists start coming out the woodwork and make things worse. I suppose that there will always be conspiracy theorists out there even if that news were 100% accurate and governments across the world had, likewise, 100% transparency. There’s always going to be some nut who thinks some cabal of protean reptilian aliens or whatever preventing him from realizing his or her utopian vision of the world.

People will always take issue when the news doesn’t reflect their ideological perception of reality—how the world ought to be. That’s how conspiracy theorists are born and they’ll keep coming out, even more in an environment of suspicion caused by opaque governments, rampant neoliberalism, and mediocre reporting. Although, some of these folks are great comedic performance artists, like Alex Jones.


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