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Well, it’s been three months since my last post. I didn’t think I was going to go back to writing another post on this blog anytime soon, but since a few people randomly decided to follow me, I felt like I should at least get back to writing and see where this goes from here.

Let me explain a few things, here. This blog was for a class; some of the content on this blog might’ve tipped what few readers who have randomly come across this blog. Fall semester was over, and I didn’t post anything else since.

A few things you’ll notice is that there was a spike in likes and comments. That was part of the final. We had to get around 35 likes and 25 comments, I think–I can’t remember the exact number. During the last class meeting, all of us in class were scrambling to give each other likes and comments to get to the threshold required to pass the final. Not really what the instructor wanted, since we were supposed to solicit likes and comments from strangers on the Internet–although he did say that we could promote our blogs to friends and family members–but that was probably to have them go out and tell their friends about their blogs. We were required to actively promote our blogs online, something most of us—perhaps even all of us—didn’t really do. I think a few of us managed to get followed by random users, but that was probably just pure luck more than anything

Our teacher didn’t seem to mind the fact that during the last class meeting, we were all sitting in front of our iMacs spamming likes and comments to each other and trading links to each other’s blogs. Originally, he wasn’t going to teach the class; the instructor that was got some sort of job offer and quit four days before the beginning of the semester. The department gave the job of teaching the course over to a graduate student, whose industry experience came from working in print journalism in India, so it’s not like the department randomly brought in some greenhorn who didn’t know what he was talking about. Then there was also the fact that this was the first semester after the conversion to the semester system from the quarter system. All of this may have contributed to vast leniency to the deadlines that we would frequently miss with our stories, something that wouldn’t be tolerated in the industry.

So, I’ll keep writing and see where it goes from there. I might as well.


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