Marijuana, Bourbon, and Secession

Once again, citizens of California voted on another proposition to legalize marijuana in the state, and marijuana is now legal in the state of California. This was a long time coming. It will make it legal for adults 21 and older to possess and grow marijuana with certain restrictions on those activities. It also puts a tax on marijuana products. Taxes on marijuana will be used to fund after-school programs and drug rehabilitation center.


There are some pretty hard facts you about life: the first being that life kind of sucks. You have a bunch of blood-sucking parasites at the top of the pyramid feeding off of everyone below and making life harder for everyone else just to make more money.

The things that make life better are sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Sex is self-explanatory. 

You don’t have to be a fan of rock and roll, this is more of a figurative “rock and roll,” which can cover a whole list of leisure activities beyond music, like watching TV, movies, hiking in the wilderness, etc. Religion can also be a person’s “rock and roll.”

As for drugs? Well, everyone is on some form of drug. I’m not just talking about those Big Pharma drugs with the usual 20-page list of unpleasant side effects, marijuana, or some harder fare, such as meth or heroin; I’m talking about things like coffee and alcohol. They sure make life more palatable; coffee is awesome and helps perk you up, and alcohol liquor help slow things down in order to chill out a bit. Weed works similarly to alcohol, but is considerable safer than the latter.

In all, in order to get through life, you either have to be high on life, high on Jesus, high on drugs, or a combination thereof.

Voting yes on 64 will ramp down the Drug War, which has been going on for far too long, yielding no positive results, and locking up a bunch of people for no good reason, into our for-profit prison system—both the drug war and our prison system compliment each other, but that’s a story for another post. 

People are going to take drugs regardless of whether it’s illegal to do so or not.  The least we can do is legalize them and then provide drug treatment for people who want to quit. Marijuana is one of the least harmful drugs out there, and what consenting adults are going to smoke it like there’s no tomorrow. If it’s not harmful to oneself and others, why should it be illegal?

Well, now with the election of Trump, and Democrats blaming everyone else but their candidate, messaging, and overreliance on and abuse of identity politics. America further enters the twilight. The two big political parties here only give a damn for whomever can make it rain into their campaign coffers, and so the average Joe gets kicked down the road, once again.

It’s a good thing that weed was just legalized. California will have some extra tax revenue, and the people will have the weed to make the next four years blaze by and seem like one big mistake.

It seems highly unlikely that we’ll be able to get the entrenched interests out of Washington, so instead of trying to fix a problem that’s almost 2,300 miles away, why not disassociate ourselves from the problem altogether.




The Fallout universe predicted this… somehow.

Now that weed has been legalized here, the next step would be to secede. Regardless of whomever won the election, I think that California should’ve gone its own way, away from those Beltway knuckle-draggers. At least those young folks who keep chanting “NOT MY PRESIDENT” can actually meant that since, newsflash, he is your president, unless move to a different country and renounce your American citizenship.

I not only think California should secession, but so should other states like Texas or the entire South. #BalkanizeAmerica


“Smoke Weed Everyday.” -Snoop’s slogan for governor.


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