Why Trump Won


The election of Donald Trump was a surprise to most. There were some other people who might’ve envisaged this outcome if Hillary won the primary, as the general election rolled on, it was still surprising to watch Trump win this election, given his antics and big mouth.

However, America has spoken. They wanted Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton, and as surprising as this may seem to some people, there are some few very important reasons for this outcome. Would you be surprised if racism and misogyny aren’t one of them? You know, ‘cause they’re not. If you’re thinking that she lost because she was a liberal woman, you need to shit-can that line of reason immediately. It’s only going to lead to a similar outcome in the future.

Before I get into this, I’d quickly like to point out that rural, white voters in Pennsylvania who voted for Obama in 2008, voted for Trump in 2016.

Hillary’s presidential campaign was not top-notch at all. It mainly consisted of identity politics, virtue signaling, and “ZOMG TRUMP!!!!!1!!!” Whilst Trump was able to persuade working class people—making vague promises of how he intends to do so. Hillary’s campaign mostly consisted of “I’m not Trump, vote for me.” I’m paraphrasing here. Trump is a big, fat liar, but he had his pulse on the mood of voters, which was that Washington has failed the middle class, trade deals were leaving Americans in the dust.

Now as for the most important reason why Hillary lost? In large part, blame the Democratic Party Establishment. Bernie Sanders was the best candidate to field against Trump. He was beating Trump in hypothetical match-ups, while Hillary was losing. However, the DNC decided that it was “her turn,” and that all the aspirational leftists should just go home and let them continue with the coronation of their precious third way candidate—loved by them, much unloved by everyone who didn’t buy into the identity politics.

The fact is that some on the left, Hillary was seen as a Republican light candidate; on the right, she was seen as untrustworthy and criminal who should be in prison, and who was really only loved on the center. Most people on the left held their noses to vote for her. For voters across the political spectrum, she embodied much of the same Beltway politicking, Wall Street boot-licking that we all see from those types of politicians.

So, if you still think that this was mostly about racism and misogyny, then the Democratic Party will blame FBI director James Comey, Julian Assange of Wikileaks, Russia, millennials, and so-called “fake news.”Anyone or anything that is not the hubris of the Democratic Establishment. Nothing will be learned, and that’s pretty much the point since it’ll allow the Democratic establishment to continue fielding the same pro-big business, Big Pharma, Wall Street, neoliberal, neoconservative candidates. We won’t get any sort of meaningful progress on the environment, healthcare and for an economy that works for everyone.

The most important thing is to look upon the system that allowed two of the two most unpopular candidates to run for president. From corporate media to corrupt political parties.


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