Photojournalism Story – US Senate Debate, CA

These are images of the debate where Loretta Sanchez made an ass out of herself by dabbing, or whatever it is the kids call it. Good times.

As you can see from the images, people were getting situated. There were people who were just coming in and sitting down, waiting for the debate to begin, some were getting food, and some were wandering around like confused children.

Loretta Sanchez fancies herself as a politician that’s popular with millennials, but Kamala Harris seems to have the maturity and stability to be a US Senator. Let’s hope that Harris does us proud and doesn’t end up becoming like Dianne Feinstein.

Everything started out pretty well, and by everything, I mean the during the preparation for the debate. What followed was a mess in the form of Loretta Sanchez. Especially when she did that dab, because if it’s one thing millennials like, it’s pandering baby boomers. Too bad most of the people that would’ve thought that was cool are generation Z kids, who are too young to vote.

What would follow would be an exercise in embarrassment, courtesy of Loretta Sanchez. We can only hope this isn’t some sort of new trend in American debate conduct.


8 thoughts on “Photojournalism Story – US Senate Debate, CA

  1. “dabbing or whatever the kids call it” hahaha nice! Kamala was a clear cut winner!


  2. It’s pretty cool how the senate debate was at CSULA.


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